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Learn to skate

From mere transportation to tricking, skateboarding has something for everyone.

If you are an avid skater check out our Community page and send us videos of you skating.

If you've never skated before check out our Skate page to see where you can learn.


Covid-19 has placed a large financial burden on people everywhere. To help during the lockdown, Soweto Surf with its partner The Box shop has successfully distributed 3000 reusable masks in Soweto to local residents namely children, small businesses, and elderly citizens in Soweto. 

As Covid-19 continues to categorised as aa Global pandemic – Soweto Surf will continue to raise capital to offer free PPE for Sowetans.

6km Skater youth Ride

Soweto Surf in partnership with The Box Shop Lifestyle on Vilakazi Street will be hosting its annual commemoration event on 16 June 2020. The 6kmSkater youth Ride will be part of this commemoration, where two skater crew will ride their skateboards from Morris Issacin High School to the Hector Peterson Memorial. 

We look forward to our  2021 Youth Day celebration will is currently in phase 1 of planning

6km Skater youth Ride

June 16


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