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The Soweto Surf Boot Camp will be hosted in the Soweto region of Johannesburg as a pilot from September - December 2020. We offer a unique proposition by taking Soweto township youth from skating in the township streets, to surfing in Cape Town. This Boot Camp will consist of skateboarding lessons, mentorship, physical conditioning and personal / mental development.

A swimming programme will also form part of the Boot Camp as a preparation tool for the surfing programme in Cape Town. The goal of the Boot Camp is to create Global Minded Citizens, through fun and impactful Youth Development activities that empower young people.

The programme is designed for high-impact outcomes with each activity – managed by an experienced coach. These coaches are well-trained in developing an individual from an entry level to a professional level. 


(4Hrs per week for 3 months)

The Soweto Surf Boot Camp is part of our unique solution-driven organisation. It is designed to be Educational, Empowering and most of all, ENTERTAINING! We aim to positively impact the youth development in the township, by enriching minds through mentorship, skateboarding and surfing.


Our Soweto Surf Boot Camp activities are targeting mind, heart and skills development. The recruits will take part in team & one-on-one activities that enhance leadership qualities, highlight mental strengths, physical strengths and weaknesses. They’ll also promote an understanding of how global citizenship works and how it contributes to the overall effort of your immediate community.


(2Hrs every 3 weeks for 3 months)

Participants are given interesting and mentally challenging tasks that require Planning, Communication, Team Effort, Trust and Problem Solving Strategies to achieve goals. These important lessons are illustrated during tasks and then discussed afterwards to connect them to real-world experiences. The sessions contain active tasks, structured debriefs and group feedback discussions.


(1Hr once a month)

Confidence building is a key benefit of youth athletics. However, that can be difficult when a sport is closely tied to winning or losing, point scoring, and comparisons to other players. With skateboarding & surfing, it’s all about individual development, which means confidence builds up organically. As kids become more competent skateboarders & surfers, they become more self-assured not just on their boards, but in their day-to-day life.

This is supported by a scheduled one-on-one session with a mentor to ensure individual needs are understood and accommodated for maximum development.



Soweto Surf believes that each skater is an artisan of their own future. Our skateboarding program aims to reverse the challenging realities of the youth in peri-urban townships, which are sustained by the scarcity of resources and unemployment. The lack of leisure facilities for the youth in Soweto also contributes to the issue of having negative downtime activities, like substance abuse and crime.


The Soweto Surf Boot Camp also aims to give participants a health and fitness understanding and the importance of exercise in our lives. This is achieved by putting the recruits through fun and interactive physical tasks such as:



(2Hrs every 2 weeks for 3 months)
Female Swimmer


(2Hrs every 2 weeks for 3 months)


(3Hrs per day for 1 week)


The Soweto Surf Boot Camp is intended to provide an impactful opportunity based on:


  • Travel and Tourism:

The distance between Cape Town and Soweto is over 1 500 kilometres. In such a distance an experiential impact is created to broaden the township youth’s perspective of the world.

  • Skateboarding to Surfing:

The exposure to surfing for the Soweto skateboarding participates will create a better understanding for the opportunities that are available in both of these sporting worlds, which share a similar skill-set.

Want to Join Us?

Youth participants:

Applications to our special boot camp are currently closed. Drop us a text message if you want to be first in line to sign up for the next Soweto Surf Boot Camp and stand a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime surfing opportunity and so much more!


Drop us a message

Partners & Sponsors:

If you would like to be a partner or sponsor and help us create a better environment & future for township youth, we would love to work with you! To get involved as a local partner or to support our costs, drop us an email.



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