Who are we?

Soweto Surf is a proudly South African entity, created to open doors for the deserving youth of Soweto – through skating, surfing and mentorship programmes. These young individuals are carefully chosen based on their values and commitment

to being change-makers in their community.


Not only are we committed to tackling common issues in the township like social exclusion and poverty, but we also encourage participation of sports

to keep young people off the streets.


During our early days, we’ve managed to hold conversations with major stakeholders in Soweto, regarding the importance of skateboarding in our to get the sport the recognition it needs as a public resource, so potential investors can partner with us in bringing a lasting and meaningful change.


Soweto Surf places much emphasis on making alternative / extreme sports more accessible, promoting cultural identity, teaching life skills and providing excellent service delivery in our mentorship programmes.


As a newly registered NPC established in 2020, we seek to collaborate with community stakeholders, local/international brands and private or government partners… All with the goal of creating a cost-efficient and youth-centred mentorship programme for deserving individuals in Soweto.


Our weekend based boot-camp consists of skateboarding lessons, swimming lessons, and mentorship sessions hosted by experienced coaches who are highly passionate about the wellbeing & development of young people.


We’ve helped introduce them to skateboarding and supported this passion by investing in resources – such as transport, food, skills development, skateboards, on-going mentorship and a surfing trip to Cape Town – to deliver an impactful,

incentivised mentorship programme.



Role: Founder

Soweto has always been in the epicentre of my thoughts since my first visit in 2008. Its vastness, its energy and the creativity within its demographic have kept me interested in "what's next". Soweto Surf is my contribution to Soweto, specifically young Sowetans who seek alternative ways to engage the world they live in. Soweto Surf to date has been self-funded and therefore seeling sponsors & donations to keep this journey moving. My sons Khalid & Malachi have been central to my ambitions with Soweto Surf.



Role: Brand Ambassador

My name is Buhle Mahlangu,I’m 20 years old and I was born and raised in Soweto, Emdeni. I moved to Cape Town in 2018 to study Product Design at CPUT.I have a bubbly personality. I enjoy being outdoors. I’m very playful and easy to be around. My favorite hobby is skating, drawing and I’m Still getting around learning how to surf!


Sifiso Moyo

Role: Operational Director

Sifiso Moyo has dedicated his training
and experience working towards driving the transformation agenda of South Africa
and unlocking new economic opportunities for township entrepreneurs. Sifiso has
taken interest in advancing the South African Government National Development
Plan. He does this by focusing his work in unlocking new possibilities, potential and
opportunities for those enterprising people who have previously excluded from fully
participating in the main stream economy “youth and woman” but have a potential
to create jobs.



Role: Surf Coach & Mentor 

Cavin Lamb 28 year old from Muizenberg Cape Town started surfing at age of 10 after school worked as a surf coach and at outreach surf centre for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds then decided to start my applied psychology degree🏽


Adam Botha

Role: Mentorship Coach

Adam is owner of IWalkAwake Life Coaching and co-owner of Smile Business
Creation. He is a professionally certified ICF (International Coach Federation)
ACC Coach with extensive coaching, creative and mentoring experience. He is also an active member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

​Adam coaches clients (online and in-person) who are genuinely invested in
transforming and leading their professions and their lives to be better, This is
a process that begins from the inside out, and is facilitated through either Life
Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching or Faith Coaching.

As a facilitator of happiness, healthiness and holiness, he delights in motivating
and inspiring others through true leadership.





Over nearly two decades after South Africa’s first democratic election,

the realities young people are facing in the country still remain as troubling as ever.


We continue to see people dealing with difficult issues like having unequal educational opportunities, lack of resources, unemployment and poverty – which often leads to bigger problems like alcohol or drug abuse. This is particularly true for areas such as Soweto, where many young people are born at-risk of being stuck in a vicious generational cycle that is hard to break.


While the country’s economic and technological progress is evident for the rest of the world to see, the struggle for a better quality of life for Soweto’s youth is still far from coming to an end.


Our goal is to harness healthy minds through alternative sports

and create a better future for the township youth.


Soweto Surf works in partnership with local members of the community to identify deserving youth and invite them to our exciting skateboarding boot-camp, which offers participants a mentoring opportunity that leads to a surfing experience in Cape Town.

Within this boot-camp we try our best to develop healthy mindsets for those young individuals, to prevent them from falling into the wrong behavioural patterns that some may fall victim to because of their surroundings.


We’ve always strived to help other see the world in a better light, as well as the endless possibilities that come with it. Especially those living under difficult circumstances. Which is why Soweto Surf’s delivery mechanism focuses on an improved quality of life, under the umbrella of Global Citizenship.


  • Deliver an impactful all-round mentorship programme that requires both mental and physical participation

  • Make extreme / alternative sports more accessible to underprivileged youth

  • Offer activities using the positive fundamentals of skateboarding culture and reapply them in a constructive, supportive and memorable way

  • Improve happiness & self-confidence levels of the youth from harsh backgrounds

What Our Grind Can Achieve

Our skateboarding & surfing mentorship programme has helped bridged the gap between the youth from disadvantaged families in Soweto and the opportunities that some of them might never attain, due to their lack of resources.


  • A supportive peer group

  • Access to mentors and caring adults

  • Access to extreme  and alternative sports, locally .

  • A surf experience in Cape Town

  • Experience of local tourism known as Sho’t Left

  • An opportunity to become a Soweto Surf Brand Ambassador

our core values